For almost seventy years Robertson & Hindmarsh Pty Ltd has been concerned with the creation of built environments which reflect an appreciation of the interrelationship of the building site, its surroundings and the way in which the building will be used.

Buildings and the external environment are usually related in an interdependent manner - outside spaces are treated as "rooms" which relate to interior rooms and are extensions of the interior spaces.

Robertson & Hindmarsh Pty Ltd has always utilized passive systems to minimize the need for consumption of energy (heating, cooling & lighting) by taking cognizance of orientation, amount of glazing, natural ventilation, roof overhangs, floor and wall material and use of color. The firm utilizes low energy materials wherever possible.

Robertson & Hindmarsh Pty Ltd works closely with the building's owner and intended users to establish a rapport and ascertain the requirements - physical, mental and spiritual. In combination with this liaison, Robertson & Hindmarsh Pty Ltd has established good working relationships with builders, tradespeople and consultants (such as surveyors and structural engineers). These relationships enable Robertson & Hindmarsh to provide a building that is well-sited according to street context, slope restrictions and aspect; a building that is visually attractive, well-planned, comfortable and spiritually uplifting, whether the building be a residence, office or school.