Hazeldean, Wahroonga

This house, a heritage item in a National Trust Urban Conservation Area, is an award-winning project, having won the 2002 Ku-ring-gai Municipal Council Heritage Awards: Best Restoration in the over $300,000 Category.
In 1898 the builder and developer George Boyne commissioned architect Varney Parkes to design a guest house on the site.

An article in the Sydney Mail on 21 December 1904 described the grounds of "Hazeldean" as being "tastefully laid out in lawns, flower gardens and shrubbery, lawn tennis and croquet courts". The building had 30 rooms and "out offices" which, by 1904 had apparently proved inadequate as the then manager was completing the erection of a detached suite of four rooms in brick. The photographs accompanying the 1904 article show that the building was roofed in split timber shingles and that the verandah on the south-east side of the house was open with full-height verandah posts and that the tennis court was located to the east of the house.
In 1926 "Hazeldean" was acquired by Ernest Robert Williams, who then converted the house and outbuildings into nine flats.

The project involved the conversion of the building from a series of separate flats to form one family residence.