SHFT, 30 Terminal, Georges Heights, Mosman

In 2005, 19th and 20th century military buildings were conserved and adapted for use as workshops, classrooms, etc for an artists' complex. The primary aim of the owner of the site, the Australian Government through its Sydney Harbour Federation Trust, is to create a harbourside park out of the obsolete military sites which once formed the backbone of the defence of Sydney. The creation of a park out of bare military sites and the use of buildings designed for ambulant men and women was a challenge in terms of providing access for people with disabilities and upgrading the thermal performance of what were intended as basic, temporary huts.

The project involved the conservation of the buildings fabric, provision of modern services to all buildings, added insulation to walls and roofs, repainting of all buildings and replacement of missing details, provision of access and egress in accordance with the Building Code of Australia.